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I provide personalized services to help you become computer independent.  I come to you or any location that you wish.  I work the areas around


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Computer and Software Training

  1. Frustrated with Microsoft Windows? I can help.
  2. Do you want to learn how to get around your computer? I can show you how.
  3. Are you have trouble learning how to use a word processor or spreadsheet? I can help you solve some of them.
  4. I can teach you how to use and surf the internet SAFELY!
  5. I can help you understand how to work proficiently with a computer.
  6. Plus others, please call or email me.


  1. PLEASE, DON'T SURF THE INTERNET UNPROTECTED! I cannot underscore the importance of this issue. Please call me for information 520-261-1963. Al
  2. If you are thinking of buying a computer, I can help you pick the right computer for your purpose and most importantly, your budget.
  3. I'm available to spend time with you in person to deal with any general computer issue.

Computer Setup and Upgrades

  1. I can help you with setting up your new computer or installation of new hardware and software for your computer.


  1. I can help you find the best hardware upgrade based on your need and budget. Don't waste money on something you will never use.


  1. I can help you install or upgrade your software.
  2. I can also help you find the best solution to upgrade your capabilities.

Computer Repair

  1. I will do my best to help you fix a broken computer. If it can't be fixed or would cost more than the computer is worth, I will tell you.
  2. Is your system running slow? It may be infected with computer viruses, dangerous spyware, and malware. I can help with them.


  1. I can help you set up a wired or wireless network to connect multiple PCs together.
  2. Set up file sharing and allow computers to share printers.
  3. Secure that network too!

Data Backup

  1. I help you find the most economical way to backup your data so you don't loose them.
  2. I will show you the best way to secure your stored backup data.

That's Right! EMAILS, WEB PAGES and BLOGS!

  1. If you need help with email...I can help you!
  2. If you want to create your own web content...I can help you!
  3. OK, write your own commentaries or BLOGS...I can help you get started!

MP3 Music

  1. I can help you with putting MP3 Music in your computer for your listening pleasure.


  1. I won't overcharge you or make you pay for services that I didn't provide...I rely on your repeat business and referrals.
  2. I won't do something that you do not want me to do.
  3. If you need to buy some things for your computer, I won't buy them for you but I will show you how to get them appropriately. Click on this link to go to the BUY Stuff page for a short list of online stores I use.
  4. I won't violate my principles and help you do something that you should not do.
  5. Sorry, I cannot provide support for a Linux OS and Mac OS computer at this time. My goal is to keep your cost of ownership low.
  6. I cannot provide support for very old computers. Please call me for information!

What I Can Do For You

Computer Training


Computer Setup

Hardware Upgrades

Software Upgrades

Computer Repair


Data Backup




MP3 Music